Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CPD23: THING 17 Prezi

I wonder what Dr. Seuss would have done with Thing 17? It took an unexpectedly long time for this particular Thing to come on the scene and it did not disappoint in level of difficulty. In fact, my partner Patty and I switched our Tech Thursdays to Tech Tuesdays to take advantage of our computer lab's late afternoon troubleshooting forum. But like Sally and her brother, we plunged in, experimented, and netted our prey.

Having never ever designed a power point presentation, I could not have proceeded in solo formation. Running with the idea thet a picture is worth a thousand words, we decided to showcase our weekly Parent/Child Workshops since we always find ourselves describling this multifaceted program to prospective parents.

For our inital venture, we did not to convert our images to pdf since they seemed to work fine as long as we stuck with smaller profiles. While it was fun to see what the more experienced prezi makers had come up with, we went with the "keep it simple, stupid" motto. While not polished, we were satisfied with this first attempt:

Following up with random incidents of synchronicity:

The head of our Youth Services section was excited to see what we had done and is considering using Prezi for one of her presentations.

Our public computer lab teacher is giving us a handout she had one of her volunteers compile about navigating Prezi.

So we hope to upgrade for a slideshare worthy production or perhaps tackle something new altogether.

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  1. Impressed with your presentation! I admit I've been too scared to give Prezi a go just yet!