Wednesday, October 5, 2011

CPD 23: Thing 21

My Strengths on the Job: Working with kids and parents, communicating via the printed word, organizing, getting along with different personalities, a deep appreciation of the printed /electronic word, a drive to help/encourage others in their own pursuits.

Leisure Activities: Any sports that do not involve a ball, round or otherwise.  I am tempted to define these pursuits as individualized sports, but really, even in a race you are still running with people.  My main interests are trail running and snowshoe racing.  Free-lance sports writing. Reading. Gardening. Race directing.  Cooking and baking.

I did OK with the initial digital revolution when things progressed at a much slower pace.  Now, however, my skills have been overwhelmed by the explodingly complex landscape.  I need more confidence to both investigate and yes, even reject, some aspects of the new technology.  Which is one of the reasons I signed up for 23 Things.

At work, I achieve a deep satisfaction from helping someone connect with a good book or discover necessary information.  Off duty it comes from surviving a difficult trail challenge, introducing others to my favorite sports, fitting words together.  Simply getting outdoors and enjoying nature works too.

While our library bears little resemblence to the newly popular Forest Kindergarten, I have translated my love of nature into hosting family nature programs.  Quinn, our Reading Therapy Dog, is a weekly visitor and I organize seasonal family nature activites involving a hike, treasure hut and a resulting craft.  We have invited live animals indoors with a Beyond Harry Potter's Hedwig owl program, a seasonal Reindeer in the Library Open House, LLamas in the LLibrary, etc. 
I have worked on a 5K Run for Literacy as a prelude to our Summer Reading Program.
And I enjoy writing On the lighter side, an in-house library chronicle.

I enjoy where my job is taking me and feel lucky to have one where I get to play, learn, explore and create.
I am even getting to the point where I enjoy technology.  As long as it doesn't make me do math.
 by laura clark

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  1. "At work,I achieve a deep satisfaction from helping someone connect with a good book or discover necessary information." yeah me too.