Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CPD 23: Thing 23

Thing 23 at last!  Who would have guessed it could have arrived so soon?
A six word story for such a long journey? 
Always challenged; Sometimes overwhelmed; Never bored.

While It is always empowering to be finished, that feeling of satisfaction is followed swiftly by a letdown and a challenge.  What to pursue next?  What do with all my "free" time before it evaporates back into the general pool of nameless tasks?  While I signed up for this course bent on knowledge and enlightenment, I do hope that somewhere down the line we receive a generic certificate of completion we can download for continuing education purposes.My tech buddy Pat and I have decided we still want to hold our Tech Thursdays.  It is up to us though to discover new topics, a task that is more overwhelming than challenging.

Aside from specific knowledge, I feel the my most valuable gain has been a feeling of confidence when confronted with new technology--more of a "Yes, I can!" attitiude.  Last week my old home computer finally entered Ghostworld and while transferring files and learning new procedures is not anything I would likely call fun, at least I havn't been afraid to click away at it.  I realize that there are many paths to the same result and likely I will discover at least one of them.

Currently, we are developing a Strategic Plan for our library and the SMART Goals remind me of this, but from an obviously more personal point of view.  I can see close attention to them being vital for job interview success or yearly evaluation planning.

Easier to manipulate is the Personal Development Plan which I can see myself utilizing more readily.  I like to take one step at a time in developing a project and this seems a readily defined way to do it.  Primarily my PDP would include developing a better relationship with technology, starting with my new computer.  Eventually, it would include incorporating  more of the programs we have learned about into my daily life--making some of them as second nature to me as emailing is now.

The Beginning
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  1. Love the six word story for this journey.

  2. I agree; your six word story was accurate and humorous!

    If you are looking for more tech topics, I recommend

    Also, one of the Chronicle of Higher Education blogs just mentioned a free program for making your own e-books. See

  3. Hooray! You finished this program too. I'm so impressed, especially since I failed miserably and didn't get past 'thing 1'! I keep hoping I'll get back to it and work my way through. Well done you!